The following items MAY NOT be sold at the Car Boot Sale: Please beware of the law! The following information is here to help you.

Tobacco · Drugs ·  Fireworks · Crossbows · Air Rifles · Weaponry

Knives · Alcohol

An age-related item to an individual that does not meet the age requirement

Counterfeit or Copied Goods · Any item, not within the seller’s legal ownership

Full information & advice on selling at car boot sales can be obtained from the Hampshire Trading Standards Service or Surrey Trading Standards Services depending on your area.

We do not permit selling, touting, trading, advertising or hawking outside of the designated car boot sellers area.

  1. We do not permit leafleting of vehicles or individuals on any part of our farm, property or car park.
  2. We do not permit overnight camping in the car park or car boot areas.

All items including unsold goods & rubbish must be removed from site at the end of sale and taken with you. 

It is a criminal offence to publicly discard rubbish and a statutory fine of £50 will apply up to the maximum limit of £2,500.

The car boot sale is a popular family event and we welcome all visitors providing that all visitors are respected and behave responsibly.

We do not accept antisocial, drunken, rude, improper or aggressive behaviour, damage or theft of property or littering.

The carboot sale is like a small community and someone is always willing to lean hand, just ask!

The management reserve right of admission and visitors not complying with terms of entry will be refused entry, vehicle registration recorded on camera and the police contacted.