Hints & Tips

The best advice is to be prepared..

  1. If you’re considering selling items at the car boot sale first check our “Terms & Conditions” page for any item restrictions.
  2. Once you’re ready, sort out your goods ready for sale and ideally either price them up before you arrive or at least consider a value in your mind for the items.
  3. If safe and practical, load up your car the night before and remember to put your table or groundsheet in last.
  4. Watch the weather forecast, wrap up warm for a cold day or be prepared for a hot day.
  5. There is no shade or shelter from rain or sun in the field so a handy umbrella is a useful addition.
  6. If there is a risk of rain, a plastic cover is a good idea to cover your items too.
  7. Use our handy link above to get a five-day forecast for our local area.
  8. Some sellers like to use a gazebo, canopy, awning or umbrella if the forecast is unsettled.
  9. There is no additional charge to add one above your stall, you just need to consider the space in your vehicle and the time to erect it.
  10. Bring PLENTY of change with you and please have the correct entry money ready when you arrive.
  11. A money belt, bum bag or belt pack can be a good idea to keep your money secure.
  12. Make sure that your boot is locked when you arrive and until you are ready to set up.
  13. There will be a great deal of interest when you first arrive.
  14. If you do feel pressured, we suggest that you park your vehicle, walk the sale for a few minutes, go to the loo, grab a coffee and return when you are ready.  Good items will always sell!
  15. Where possible, bring a friend. To help, have fun with and share the day.  It is also an extra pair of eyes to watch your stall when you need the loo or a coffee break.

We operate an onsite queue and safe entry system with all spaces fairly allocated on entry.  There is ample capacity, summer months may be different due to the size of the field.

You are very welcome to bring non-alcoholic drinks, foods or sweets for your own consumption but you cannot sell these items at the car boot sale as there are strict regulations controlling the sale of foods.

If you’re still unsure, you are welcome to come as a buyer first and see what works.

The team operates from the front of the carboot, which you will see upon entry.

How to report your worries to the team!

Manager: Jim Giles – who parks the cars up and takes your entry fee.

Staff: Calvin Rasell – First stall on the left after entry.

Staff: Caroline Mussared – Second stall on the left after entry.

We are all approachable and will help any way we can if you are on your own and have a worry then ask a member of the public walking to pass to grab a staff member to help, our customers walking about are regulars and will also be happy to help you out, again Just Ask!