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We are open throughout Christmas

We just wanted to let you know that we are NOT closing over the Christmas 🎄⛄❄ period this year as every Saturday & Thursday does not fall on any bank holidays!!

So we are open on 23rd December 2017 & 30th December 2017 and we look forward to seeing there!!

#christmasbooty #christmasholiday #barginhunt #findabragin

Remember to stay warm by wrapping up well and remember to read our hits and tips for any help. We also have a burger wagon where you can get a hot coffee or tea ☕☕☕

Please remember that the first two stalls by the gate are their to help you, so if you need something or have a worry about something then please don’t hesitate to come and speak to us, we do not bite!

Blog · Important updates

Polling day is coming and the mytchett Carboot is closed

Hi guys, just a gentle note to say on the 8th June 2017 the mytchett Carboot will be closed due to polling day for the general election!

#pollingday #generalelection #mytchettcarbootclosed


Blog · Important updates

Don’t forget to put your clock forward!

So not only is Mother’s Day this Sunday in which you should be Spoiling your mother but also you are going to lose 1 hour! Don’t forget to put your clock forward on Sunday Night!

Then you have to remember to your clock back by 1 hour in October.

Date for your dairy!