Summer is finially here, but for how long?

Right guys summer is here finally, but for long is anyone’s guess! Please remember to dress appropriately and wear sensible shoes if the sun is going to be out on the day you do a carboot. It can get very warm standing around behind your stall and you need to avoid getting sun stroke. #sunshine #carbooty #bootsale

Some things to remember:

Bring either cold drinks or money as we do have a burger bar which has a range of cold & hot drinks.

Its a good idea to bring a umbrella to give you some shade.

Sunglasses / sun hat if needed.

Apple your sun cream before you come.

Something to sit on.

Our field is not shady all over, there parts which are constantly in the sun and we can not guarantee where you will be put on the morning of the boot sale so please be ready guys!

for all other hints & tips

We look forward to welcoming all new customers đŸ™‚

Blog · Important updates

Polling day is coming and the mytchett Carboot is closed

Hi guys, just a gentle note to say on the 8th June 2017 the mytchett Carboot will be closed due to polling day for the general election!

#pollingday #generalelection #mytchettcarbootclosed


Blog · Important updates

Don’t forget to put your clock forward!

So not only is Mother’s Day this Sunday in which you should be Spoiling your mother but also you are going to lose 1 hour! Don’t forget to put your clock forward on Sunday Night!

Then you have to remember to your clock back by 1 hour in October.

Date for your dairy!