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We are open throughout Christmas

We just wanted to let you know that we are NOT closing over the Christmas 🎄⛄❄ period this year as every Saturday & Thursday does not fall on any bank holidays!!

So we are open on 23rd December 2017 & 30th December 2017 and we look forward to seeing there!!

#christmasbooty #christmasholiday #barginhunt #findabragin

Remember to stay warm by wrapping up well and remember to read our hits and tips for any help. We also have a burger wagon where you can get a hot coffee or tea ☕☕☕

Please remember that the first two stalls by the gate are their to help you, so if you need something or have a worry about something then please don’t hesitate to come and speak to us, we do not bite!


Christmas is fast approaching…..keep warm & safe when selling

Good Morning Guys‼

Christmas is now only 5 weeks away……..Wow where does the time?

We just want to share some hints & tips with you to keep you safe while selling for the next 5 weeks!

Remember #wrapupwarm this Thursday morning….we have two burger wagons, one on each day!

And if your coming on the Saturday morning instead, again #wrapupwarm.

So get your hat, scarves & gloves on and join this week to help make you some pennies for Christmas shopping 😊

#wrapupwarm #hatsscarvesgloves #winterishere

Don’t forget if you need anything, the team are front of boot sale to help. See our hints & tips page for more information.

Thursday’s please see first two stalls – Caroline or Calvin

Saturday’s Please see front gate and first two stalls – Jim, Jackie, Calvin or Caroline


We are all here to help you.